Evaluating organizational structure and culture, and engaging whole teams with equal parts empathy and transparency.

Whether your organization is experiencing rapid growth, entering a stage of maturation that demands new systems and better structures, preparing for a leadership transition, looking to restructure for increased effectiveness, struggling to diagnose the root cause of interpersonal friction, or simply not performing at peak and you’re not sure why – Bridgeport can help. We have years of experience evaluating organizational structure and culture, and engaging whole teams – with equal parts empathy and transparency – in designing actionable solutions. We even have tips and tricks for addressing team dynamics in an increasingly virtual workplace.


ACLU National – New York, NY

ACLU National serves as a central organization committed to building capacity in its network of 54 state affiliates across the U.S. To serve effectively in this role, they must be aligned nationally on overarching strategy and priorities AND leverage the knowledge of people on the ground in each state, centering the work in ways that are effective in each unique location. It’s always a balancing act.

One department within the national office is tasked with building state capacity and strengthening connections between the national office and 1,500 staff who work out of the state offices. The challenge they face now is to grow the department quickly and effectively to help defend and advance civil rights and civil liberties in the midst of an increasingly tense and polarized political and social climate. And, they need to build the plane while they are flying… with a new leader, at high speed, in turbulent air, with a deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

That’s where Bridgeport’s partnership comes in. We’ve been working collaboratively with a talented new leader, facilitating strategy sessions with the emergent team, holding full team-building retreats, and helping to identify shared priorities. Bridgeport is beyond pleased to continue to support this incredible team as they navigate constant change and continue their necessary growth (did we mention they doubled their team in just 18 months?).