Bridgeport Consulting helps people have the conversations they need to have.

Effective meeting facilitation requires building trust and safety among participants through rigorous advance preparation, creating the form and structure necessary to allow the discussion to unfold, and then intervening in the moment to ensure that “productivity” does not come at the expense of respect.

Bridgeport helps equip high performing teams with the tools and perspectives they need to engage with the real issues – and each other – with a balance of directness and diplomacy. While we always enjoy meeting with people in person, we’ve adapted our talents and cultivated our skills to host effective, participatory – and even (gasp!) fun – virtual meetings, town halls, and annual retreats.


Zingerman’s Community of Businesses – Ann Arbor, MI

We count our friends at Zingerman’s among our most treasured mentors, partners, and clients. We’ve learned A TON from Zingerman’s through the years – like how to craft a powerful vision statement, creative ways to strengthen organizational culture, and strategies for building consensus. And, of course, we can always count on them for a delicious meal.

You can tell how much we adore and admire Zingerman’s. That’s why it’s been such an honor to serve as facilitators for their Partners Group, made up of 25+ owners and leaders from across the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, where strategic priorities are set – and shared business decisions are made – by consensus!

As regular facilitators for the Partners Group annual retreats and quarterly off-site gatherings, we bring deep preparation AND a healthy dose of flexibility to every meeting. Of course we come prepared with a robust toolkit of group processes and dialogue modalities, but in the moment? Facilitation magic mostly comes down to a capacity to discern what needs to be said – and to support clients in finding the words to do so. Navigating the priorities, constraints, and interests of two dozen energetic entrepreneurs (with money on the line) is no small task. But it’s so much fun. 

If we had to distill our “greatest hits” of Zingerman’s learnings into just three life lessons, they would probably be: the only way to earn trust is to give it first; leaning into difficult conversations is an act of love; and belief is nothing without action when it comes to diversity and inclusion.