Connect with the ground truths of your professional life and reflect on your desired growth trajectory.

In a confidential, one-on-one setting, Bridgeport invites clients to connect with the ground truths of their professional lives, examine how these truths harmonize (and/or conflict) with their whole selves, and reflect on their desired growth trajectory. The most important tools of this discipline – which some clients appreciatively describe as “work therapy” – include fluency with key frameworks for deepening self-awareness; the wide lens that comes from being in relationship with a diverse array of organizations; and the ability to translate vision into a clear, actionable strategy. Those, plus kindness and humor.


One of Bridgeport’s favorite activities is providing leadership coaching for brave and talented CEOs, executive directors, academic deans, rising faculty, and the leaders of local government and community organizations. As they say, it can be lonely at the top. But it doesn’t have to be. We are honored to serve as trusted partners, confidantes, and cheerleaders to some of the most amazing leaders we know. Individual references available upon request.